5For5: Things We’d Like to See in Series 10

The marathon countdown to Series 10 is reaching it’s final few laps this month, as Whovians across the Time Space vortex prepare their jelly babies and celery snacks for viewing parties when the new season premieres on April 15th.

Having been absent from our screens for so long (with the exception of the Christmas special) it’s easy to get swept up in the celebratory mood surrounding the return of our favourite Time Lord and focus on the excitement of finally seeing some fresh timey wimey adventures.

And while it’s true the series is still chock full of creative and fresh ideas, there are a few areas we think could stand some improvements. 5for5 examines 5 Things we’d like to see in Series 10….


We’re big fans of the Daleks and the Master, but it’s time for some new blood in the villain department. With the exception of The Silence in season 6, every series of NuWho has ended with a Big Bad reveal of a nemesis that originated in the original run of the show (Daleks, the Master, Cybermen, The Great Intelligence, Time Lords) Plopping Davros or Rassilon in every few years just feels like excessive fan service and frankly, going backwards instead of developing new characters.


Remember Mr. Nasty from Nightmare in Silver in Series 7? A sinister version of The Doctor, perhaps from another dimension might be interesting. There were hints that another variation of The Doctor existed in “Pete’s World” during Series 2, a thread that could be picked up and developed. The Big Finish stories also offer a cauldron of ideas that could be mined, including a terror called Zagreus, which was a non-time entity that absorbed all of The Doctor’s memories and drove him temporarily insane. How intriguing might it be to see a penultimate episode with The Doctor insane and a dark version of one of his previous selves walking the galaxy looking for trouble?


UNIT’s done a fine job of providing the Doctor with an earth based resource and it’s been fun to see the Brigadier’s daugther bring the group back to stardom in DW, but Torchwood still exists in the Whoniverse and has been absent since 2011. What happened to the group after Miracle Day? What secrets do they still hold?


If it’s not going to be Captain Jack, how about a previous agent of Torchwood being brought back to help The Doctor combat a threat? Perhaps a prison break involving a former Torchwood agent who only The Doctor can bring in.


It might be risky, but The Doctor being called upon to solve a problem sans The TARDIS, Sonic or a handy computer would be refreshing. Perhaps a murder mystery or an espionage caper in which he relies strictly on his intelligence and his wits to ferret out a killer or a spy


Being stranded in the film noir era and mistaken for a private detective. Bonus! Film the story in black and white to add another layer of intrigue.


Filming has taken place in other parts of the world, but the last time a NuWho story has been filmed entirely outside of either Britain or America was Series 5’s Vampires of Venice. Production costs probably make this a pipe dream, and we know for a fact (unless the production team has for some reason hidden filming details) it won’t happen in season 10.


Toronto is a beautiful city and home to one of the biggest non-UK DW fan clubs, while Canada has been one of Whodom’s biggest supporters going back to the original series. A episode in North America’s 4th largest metropolis would re-inforce the show as a international hit (which it is)


The Time Lords have returned, and although maintaining a bit of mystery about them is interesting, it might also be insightful to delve into their culture, their homeworld and what The Doctor has meant to their society. Is he feared? Revered? Dismissed as a Myth?


We know the Time Lords have a Gallifreyan version of MI6 called the Celestial Intervention Agency, who ostensibly operate as a covert arm of the High Council to ensure their interests are protected. What about a story following an agent who is tasked with discovering if The Doctor is actually a traitor?

What do you think of our ideas? Leave us a comment below!


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