5for5: Real Life Inspirations for Memorable Villains

Did a villain win the U.S. election last night? That depends on your perspective…but there’s no debating that many historical figures have served as heavy influences in pop culture’s depiction of villains. DW has their share of real life influcences as well. Read on to learn (among other things) how a Doctor’s fear of surgery led to the creation of one of the Doctor’s most feared enemies!



Doctor Who is one of the more original programs ever to be transmitted, and we’ve talked before about how it’s originality and popularity has generated a massive amount of influence on other great film and TV projects over the last 50 years.

But like all great works, it didn’t… materialize…entirely without influence. Materialize…get it??

No. No.

Anyway, when developing the series, DW creators drew from previous Sci-Fi films and books (namely The Quartermass Experiment) and you can trace the origins of those tales from others before them, and so on, until you go so far back in time that Dick Clark is sitting at the beginning of the universe scribbling the first stories while simultaneously figuring out how to sell donuts.

The same applies to the characters of DW; and specifically the villains. And the most memorable of those bad guys had not only fictional influences, but real world…

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