-Added the name Nathan to his name to avoid confusion with actor John Turner (mirroing a similar move by his successor Russel T Davies)

-First job in TV was a one month contract as a costume assistant with the BBC in 1964. First job on DW was as floor assistant during 1969’s The Space Pirates.

-His dog “Pepsi” was an actor of sorts. The pet portrayed “Pepper”, one of Sigfried’s dogs on All Creatures Great and Small while Turner was Production Manager on the series.

-If you were to include The War Doctor, Turner and Moffat have cast more actors as The Doctor than any other showrunner; Turner hired Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, Moffat hired Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and John Hurt.

-Cultivated ties with the fan community by inviting fanzine writers and super fans to the studios for interviews or tours. As the series went on, he in fact would consult superfans on matters of continuity since the series never had a “bible” to guide it through producer and writer changes.


Presided over the show during a spike in interest in the U.S. and would often appear on PBS during pledge/donation drives.


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