• Worked as a High school teacher for 3 years after graduating University before moving on to writing


  • Son in Law of studio boss Beryl Vertue, who originally negotiated Terry Nation’s rights to the Daleks for the BBC in the 60’s


  • Found out about the offer to take over Doctor Who through an email from Russel T. Davies; Moffat was about to board a plane to Greece for a meeting to adopt Coupling for Greek TV.


  • Is a big fan of The Cure


  • As a super fan of the original series, he posted on DW web forums in the early 90s, including a theory about the nature of the Doctor’s name which he eventually incorporated into the plot of A Good Man Goes To War 16 years later:

Steven Moffat (100043.121@CompuServe.COM) wrote:

Here’s a particularly stupid theory.  If we take “The Doctor” to be the Doctor’s name – even if it is in the form of a title no doubt meaning something deep and Gallifreyan – perhaps our earthly use of the word “doctor” meaning healer or wise man is direct result of the Doctor’s multiple interventions in our history as a healer and wise man.  In other words, we got it from him.  This is a very silly idea and I’m consequently rather proud of it.



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