5 Things You Might Not Know About….Russell T. Davies


  •  Besides working on Doctor Who, one of his career goals was to write for another long standing British drama; Coronation Street. As of May 2016, he has yet to do so.


  • George Lucas approached him to write for the animated Clone Wars series and the (now abandoned) live action Star Wars series in the mid 2000s. Davies turned him down both times.


  • Submitted a story to DW Script Editor Andrew Cartmel in 1987, who suggested Davies focus on more “earthly adventures such as a man worrying about his mortgage”. That story was re-worked and produced as The Long Game.


  • The “T” in his name doesn’t stand for anything…he adopted it to distinguish himself from BBC Radio presenter Russell Davies.


  • Witnessed his mother experience a psychotic episode when he was very young (due to complications from her C section operation during his birth) and has said it influenced his writing.  


  • Is a gifted cartoonist and originally wanted to pursue a career in comics, but was advised against it due to colour blindness.

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