5 Things You Might Not Know About….Verity Lambert


One of her first jobs in Television was as a Production Assistant on ITV’s Armchair Theatre. During a live broadcast, an actor died on the set and she had to take responsibility for directing from the studio gallery while director Ted Kotcheff worked with the actors on the studio floor to accommodate the loss.

Started her own film production company, Cinema Verity in the early 80s and produced the critically acclaimed movie A Cry In The Dark about the “Dingo Baby” case in Australia.

Although she was named the producer of DW, the BBC was quiet wary of handing a new series to her, as it was her first Producer job, so they assigned an experienced producer, Mervyn Pinfield as a “caretaker” to watch over her during the first year.

Monty Python originated a 1969 TV sketch with characters called “Mr. Verity” and “Mr. Lambert” named after her.

Didn’t watch much of the classic show after she left, but was highly critical of Sylvester McCoy’s tenure, calling it “camp…utter rubbish and ridiculous”


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