5 Things You Might Not Know About….Sylvester McCoy


  • Studied to be a Priest at a seminary and applied to be a Monk in the Dominican Republic, but was rejected for being too young. He left the seminary at 17 and worked for an insurance company until he was 27.


  • Skilled at playing both the xylophone and the spoons. He can also juggle and once had a reputation for stuffing live ferrets down his trousers.


  • In the mid 80s appeared on stage with Timothy Dalton, who both complained to one another about how difficult it was to find steady work. Within a year both had secured full time roles; McCoy as DW and Dalton as James Bond.


  • Is the only Doctor to appear in two regenerations. When McCoy took over the role, outgoing Doctor Colin Baker refused to return to film a regeneration story (after being treated very shabbily by the BBC) so McCoy appeared in a wig as the 6th Doctor for the scene. Then in the 1996 TV Movie, he filmed a regeneration to Paul McGann’s Doctor.


  • Got his big break when he joined the experimental Ken Campbell Roadshow. He appeared on stage with Bob Hoskins.




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