5 Things You Might Not Know About….Colin Baker


  •  Born during WWII, he narrowly avoided death as an infant during the Blitz; a piece of shrapnel just missed him and was embedded in the side of his cot.


  • He was roommates with David Troughton during the 60s, son of Patrick Troughton, and later became the best man at his wedding.


  • Has written a column for the Bucks Free Press since 1995, a collection of which was published as a book in 2010.


  • Is the only actor to portray The Doctor on screen and also write a published DW story; in 1992 he penned The Deal, a short story appearing in DW Magazine


    • Was fired from the role of DW by direct order of BBC Controller Michael Grade, an unprecedented move. Baker was asked to return to film a regeneration story, but as a compromise proposed instead that he be given at least 3 more stories to round out his tenure. The BBC told him they would consider it and let him know, but nobody ever contacted him and Sylvester McCoy was cast in the role.

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