5for5 NuWho At Ten Edition: Series 3 Easter Eggs


Hope you are enjoying our look back at the first few series of NuWho on our quest to uncover Easter Eggs linking back to the Classic run. We’re certainly enjoying digging up the past for any and all references to Who’s fore(man) runner…ya know, like Foreman, as in Susan Foreman, get it??


Do not attempt humour again.

Hey! That Susan joke was gold! Anyway, getting back to the Easter Egg hunt…here’s our journey through Series 3, which introduced Martha Jones as the Doctor’s new companion and offered up a MASSIVE Easter Egg/throwback in the 3 part finale when the Master made his shocking return to the Whoniverse. Here’s a few more references you might have missed…


MARTHA’S WELCOME ABOARD SCENE. Smith and Jones The premiere of the third series landed the Doctor with a new travel buddy in the form of Martha Jones, who convinced the Doctor she was worthy of a trip in the TARDIS by helping him defeat a Judoon theft of a slab of Earth. Or possibly because she was a good kisser.

"That genetic transfer line gets 'em every time"

“That genetic transfer line gets ’em every time”

After the Judoon have been sent packing and the slice of Earth has been safely returned, the Doctor officially tries to welcome Martha aboard the TARDIS, but is interrupted by the ship itself when it lurches a few seconds after takeoff, prompting both Doctor and Martha to fall on the console. Only then does he offer the traditional “Welcome Aboard”

It’s not the first time a companion’s intro ended in a almost face plant on the Tardis controls; in Planet of Fire new assistant Peri’s “welcome scene” was identical to Martha’s; with the Fifth Doctor and Peri crashing to the console after takeoff. Didn’t the Time Lords ever hear of seat belts?


THE ETERNALS/SHAKESPEARE CODE – Martha’s first trip with the Doctor landed her and the Doctor in Elizabethan England and at the service of William Shakespeare to defeat a gang of alien witches called the Carrionites. About halfway through the episode, the Doctor confronts Lillith, the leader of the Witches, who mentions that it was the Eternals who originally banished her species into darkness.

The keen Whovian would have recognized the name of the Eternals as the transcendental beings who organized a solar Yacht race in the Fifth Doctor adventure Enlightment.

"Too bad they didn't banish bad breath while they were at it"

“Too bad they didn’t banish bad breath while they were at it”

And the even keener Whovian knows that Enlightment was itself a bit of an Easter Egg episode for the classic series, as it featured the return of both the White and Black Guardian, who hadn’t been seen in Whodom since the 1977 season long Key To Time series.


GRIDLOCK/THE MACRA TERROR – Episode 3 of Series 3 depicted Earth’s distant future as bleak, at least for car owners. Space traffic has become so bad commutes can take decades, prompting one family to kidnap Martha so they can access the car pool lane to take a few years off their travel time.

"Don't worry, we have caramel corn"

“Don’t worry, we have caramel corn”

Turns out the gridlock is a feeding frenzy for The Macra, horrifying crab like creatures that attack cars to feed on the toxic fumes. The Doctor mentions that The Macra once constructed an entire empire using human slaves to mine gas to feed them.

"Hey, we'll have some of that caramel corn too"

“Hey, we’ll have some of that caramel corn too”

And the Doctor knows this first hand, as he encountered the Macra in the aptly named The Macra Terror during his second incarnation as depicted in Season 4 of the classic series. It also marked the penultimate episode for the Second Doc’s first companions, Ben and Polly.


GRIDLOCK/GALLIFREY SKIES – While we’re on the subject of Gridlock, in the first few moments of the story, when the Doctor is describing his homeworld to Martha, he mentions that the skies are a remarkable “Burnt Orange” Whostorians would remember this description as almost exactly the way his granddaughter Susan remembers their homeworld in The Sensorites.


“Purple skies meant the cable was out”

LAST OF THE TIME LORDS/MASTER’S GREATEST FEAR And finally…the final episode of Series 3, the Last of the Time Lords, was a fairly hefty dose of Who-story with the return of the Master, UNIT and Captain Jack.

"7 is the over-under on how many people I make out with before the opening credits"

“The over-under on how many people I make out with before the opening credits is 7”

But the avid Whovian would have known that in the final moments of the story, when the Doctor uses the psychic energy of humanity to free himself from the Master and grows to a towering size, it was by design. Because the Master’s deepest fear, of the Doctor towering over him and laughing, was actually revealed in The Mind Of Evil way back in 1973.

"My secone biggest fear is sock puppets"

“My second biggest fear is sock puppets”

And that’s not the only throwback from the 3 part finale; in The Sound of Drums when he The Master is addressing the planet after revealing the Toclafane’s invasion force, he asks “…peoples of the Earth, please attend carefully” which is almost verbatim the order he gives in Logopolis after thinking he had seized control of the planet. Guess it’s true when they say the classics never die, just the people who tell them.


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