5for5: Things You Might Not Know About….Peter Davison


  • His daughter Georgia Moffet played Jenny, The Doctor’s genetic offspring in The Doctor’s Daughter. She and David Tennant later married, making Peter the Father in Law of the 10th Doctor.


  • Made a citizen’s arrest in 2001 when a youth stole a video camera from his car; Davison chased him down and restrained him until the police arrived.


  • Worked in a tax office and in a mortuary in the mid 70s when his acting prospects dried up.


  • Reportedly told Colin Baker (when he made a guest appearance in Arc of Infinity) that “this job might be coming up soon”, indicating that Davison would leave the show after the next series. Baker ultimately succeeded Davison in the role.


  • Although all of the previous Doctors have appeared in archival footage in the current series, Davison is the only actor to appear in new scenes as The Doctor in both the classic series and the current one. (Discounting Tom Baker’s cameo in Day Of The Doctor, since it is not confirmed if he is in fact The Doctor)




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