5for5: Things You Might Not Know About….Tom Baker


  • Joined a Monastery at age 15, but was expelled after becoming disillusioned with the faith and systematically breaking many of the rules.


  • During his military service with the Royal Army Medical Corps, he served as a curator for a small museum that was never visited. During the 50th Anniversary special The Day Of The Doctor, he appeared as Museum curator.


  • Was an old drinking pal of Sir Anthony Hopkins, who frequented many of the same London pubs that Tom Baker did in the early 70s.


  • His trademark scarf came into being by accident; the costume department was provided far too much wool so the designer simply used all of it to create the scarf. Baker loved the idea of wearing such an over the top piece and used it throughout his tenure.


  • Had a terrible relationship with his first wife’s family and ultimately left her and his children to pursue his acting career. He became so estranged from them that he didn’t recognize his own son at a chance encounter in a New Zealand restaurant 16 years later.



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