5for5 NuWho At Ten Edition: Series 2 Easter Eggs

As mentioned in our Easter egg hunt through series 1, NuWho’s first few seasons were fairly “classic light” when it came to mentioning it’s predecessor, and series 2 was even lighter in this regard with just a few throwbacks to the former era. Although we should point out that when NuWho 2 did reference the classic series, it went all in by bringing back arch villains and all time fav companions.

"Not the companion we were thinking of"

“Not the companion we were thinking of”


Here’s our Easter Egg hunt through Series 2…..

TOOTH AND CLAW – Episode 2 landed the Doctor and Rose in the Highlands of Scotland circa 1833, and into the service of Queen Victoria while defeating an alien werewolf invasion. The classically trained Who fan will have noted with some glee that when confronted by the Queen’s guardsmen, the Doctor (with Tennant getting a chance to drop his fake english accent for a few minutes) identifies himself as one Jamie McCrimmon, borrowing the alias of his old Highland companion, who travelled with the Doctor during his second life. (and who, unfortunately we imagine probably died horribly)


“This is why I now use consent forms”

SCHOOL REUNION – We’ll just get the biggie out of the way off the top, as the Doctor meets his old flame (and probably the greatest companion of all time) Sarah Jane and his loveable robot dog K-9 in this episode about alien vampire bats manipulating children to unlock a universally powerful math code. Um…It makes much more sense when you actually watch it. On top of the obvious throwbacks (which also was the first on screen confirmation that NuWho and Classic Who were of the same universe) the keen Whovian might have noted that when Mickey refers to K-9 as a tin dog, he’s mimicking a phrase used by the mischievous Time Lord Drax in the 1977 Tom Baker story The Armageddon Factor.

"Mischevious is Gallifreyan for Hammered"

“Mischievous is Gallifreyan for Hammered”


RISE OF THE CYBERMEN/AGE OF STEEL – Another big ‘retro’ story as this two-parter marked the return of one of the Doctor’s best enemies, the Cybermen. Although mainstream Whodom would classify these Cybermen as not technically “returning” since the Cyber baddies featured in the classic series originated on Mondas, whereas the 10th Doc and Rose battle these silver enemies on a parallel earth. Be that as it may, viewers who watched Earthshock in the original run would have recognized the Doctor’s conversation about the importance of emotion with the Cyber Leader as almost verbatim the same chat he has with the Cyber controller in Age of Steel;. As it happens both stories also marked the departure of a companion; in Age of Steel, Mickey chooses to stay on the parallel world, while in Earthshock, Adric, ummm…


“Wait, what?”

SATAN PIT – One of the scarier episodes of NuWho, this two parter saw the Doctor and Rose battle the Devil, possessed Oods and ended off with the Doctor descending into Hell. But other than that, it was a real laugh riot!

As the Doctor descends into the pit, he mentions the names of other planets whose mythologies feature horned demons, such as Draconia and Daemons from Azul. Whovians who cut their TARDIS teeth in the 70s would have remembered those planets as being featured in a couple of Pertwee era stories; Draconia was visited by the Third Doctor as their empire was prepping for war against Earth in the the Frontier In Space, and Azul was home to the titular Daemons featured in Pertwee’s series finale from 1972.

"Hell isn't so bad... we get full dental"

“Hell isn’t so bad… we get full dental”


ARMY OF GHOSTS/DOOMSDAY – Remembered by NuWhovians as one of the most memorable and (kleenex worthy) stories of the current series, it was also a call back to a couple of classic Cybermen scenes from the original run. Namely, when we watch the Cybermen cutting through the plastic in the backroom of Torchwood, it was almost identical to the scenes of the Cybermen emerging in The Invasion and Earthshock. And Whostorians might have also noticed that when the Cyber Leader addresses the world in Doomsday and says… “You will become like us” he was mirroring the Cyber head honcho’s message to the humans in Tomb Of The Cybermen: “You will be like us”.

"I just read the most interesting article about staying on message"

“I just read the most interesting article about staying on message”



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