5for5: Things You Might Not Know About….Jon Pertwee


  • In addition to his acting, he was a minor recording artist and released a spoken version of the DW theme that included lyrics.


  • The prominent ring he wore during his time on the show was actually fashioned from a coin he found while scuba diving in a ship wreck.


  • He campaigned to star in a radio series as The Doctor during the show’s hiatus in the the mid-80s and later appeared in two BBC produced radio adventures to celebrate the show’s 30th Anniversary.


  • He was a huge fan of cartoons and considered an expert in animation, calling Aladdin the greatest movie of all time.


  • Like his Who predecessors William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton, he served in WWII. Pertwee (along with James Bond author Ian Fleming) was part of the secretive Naval Intelligence Division, a unit that reported directly to Winston Churchill.


  • BONUS! His Godfather was Henry Ainley, the father of Anthony Ainley, best known to Whodom as The Master.





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