5for5: Things You Might Not Know About….Patrick Troughton




  • His son David appeared as a professor in Midnight and his grandson, actor Harry Melling, is well known as Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter films. 


  • Laurence Olivier was a fan of his, and cast him in two films, Hamlet (1948) and Richard III (1955)


  • He was the first actor to portray Robin Hood on TV, in a 1953 BBC series.


  • Served in the navy in WWII and earned several commendations. When war broke out he was touring in Belgium with a repertory company and returned home on a ship. The vessel struck a sea mine and sank, and Troughton was one of the few survivors who escaped on a life boat.


  • Died while attending a fan convention in the U.S., tragically mirroring the fate of fellow Who alum Jon Pertwee, who also died while attending a convention in America.


    • BONUS! When Peter Davison was cast as the 5th Doctor in 1981, he ran into Troughton at the BBC. Troughton reportedly advised Davison to remain in the role for only 3 years, which he did. Davison subsequently advised the 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy to do the same. In fact, every actor who has portrayed The Doctor since Davison (with the exception of Christopher Eccleston) has remained for either only 3 years or 3 series. (Tennant remained in the role for 4 years but only starred in 3 full series, Colin Baker starred in only 2 full series but was in the role for 3 years)





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