5 For 5: Actors That Have Appeared in Both Star Wars and Doctor Who


Happy Force Awakens day to everyone in this galaxy and ones that are far, far away. Even though we here at Eye Of Harmony are born and raised Whovians, there is a soft spot in our hearts for Obi Wan, the Skywalker clan and the Millenium Falcon so it is with much joy we bring you this week’s crossover edition of 5 for 5, honoring those lucky actors who have had the privilege of working in the Whoniverse while knowing the power of the Force.


HUGH QHARSHIE – He was best known to movie audiences as Captain Tanaka in Phantom Menace, but the Ghana born actor also guest starred as an ally of the Doctor and a resident of Hooverville in 2007’s Evolution of the Daleks. He was solid in both roles, it was just bad luck for the versatile actor that both offerings he appeared in from the respective franchises were crap; Evolution was one of the weakest David Tennant stories and Phantom Menace, well…

tanaka and evolution

JULIAN GLOVER – As if this renowned Brit didn’t have enough Geek cred by appearing in both Wars (as AT AT lover General Veers) and Who (as the ancient Scartha) but those appearances don’t even scratch the surface of his genre work. He’s shared the screen with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones on top of guest stints in the Avengers, Blake’s 7 and the Saint. He’s actually a double guest star of Who, he first appeared as King Richard alongside the First Doctor in the 1965 story The Crusade.


AYESHA DHARKER – The youngest thespian on our list, she shot to genre fame by appearing as Queen Jamilla (Padme’s successor) in Attack of the Clones. 6 years later she was guest starring in Planet of the Ood, another gem from the fantastic fourth series on NuWho. As Solana Mercurio, she was the PA of Ood Operations, and after given a chance to help by the Doctor, joined a long list of Who guest characters who died horribly at the hands of villainous aliens.


JOHN HOLLIS – Bring back Sheriff Lobot! Most of are familiar with him as the bald cyborg who never talks but does Lando’s bidding in Empire Strikes Back. But did you know that Hollis played Professor Sondergaard in the Jon Pertwee era Doctor Who story, The Mutants? His main contribution was trying to find a cure for the Solonians’ mutations, before realising it was all a part of their natural life cycle. And then, because it’s Doctor Who and he wasn’t a companion, dying


lobot hollis

JEREMY BULLOCH His most notable role, even though his face was never even shown, was that of intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Jeremy has also had two appearances in Doctor Who, almost a decade apart. First in the William Hartnell story The Space Museum, as the Xeron rebel, Tor, fighting the Morok invaders. Almost ten years later he starred as Hal, the servant of Lord Edward of Wessex, in The Time Warrior, where he helped the 3rd Doctor defeat the Sontarans in their first ever appearance!




DAVID TENNANT – Yup! In addition to fighting in the Time War, the Tenth Doctor has lent his vocal talents to the terrific Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars, playing a professor (naturally) named Huyang that builds the new Jedi their light-sabers. Of course, having played the Doctor, starring as a robot of vast knowledge and wisdom that has trained Jedi for over a thousand generations is hardly a stretch.




4 thoughts on “5 For 5: Actors That Have Appeared in Both Star Wars and Doctor Who

  1. What, no Darth Vader himself? Dave Prowse played a minotaur in the Jon Pertwee story “The Time Monster”. Heck he even hits the brit sci-fi trifecta, having also appeared as an android in “The Tomorrow People”, one of the only times I’ve seen him play a role that actually showed his face in the story “The Medusa Strain”. Yes, I’ve spent far too much time thinking about this stuff.

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