5for5: Whovian Tech That Exist Today


We are willing to wager good money that almost every one reading this has, at one point or another, aimed their pen at a door and pretended to unlock it Sonic Screwdriver style. (And if you’re like us you also hum the Sonic sound…while wearing a long scarf….and fake an English accent while explaining how the sonic works to a friend…who isn’t actually there…while the DOCTOR WHO theme music blasts out of your Itunes…)

Uh…anyway, the point is, it’s great fun to pretend the incredible technology the Doctor regularly deploys to save the galaxy could be at our fingertips. The thought of having access to a real life TARDIS, or even a just a plain old trans-mat is intoxicating.

The thing is, at least some of these remarkable feats of science aren’t that far off..to the point they exist in some form RIGHT NOW. 5for5 looks at 5 Whovian Tech that exist today….


Not everyone is fan of the Doctor’s “tin dog”, but a mechanical companion who can shoot lasers on command and help you ace your science project would be a welcome addition to many a home.

So when the staff at Boston Dynamics developed a robotic version of man’s best friend in 2010, it made some waves in the Who community. And the latest upgrade is so convincing fire hydrants are running for cover.




Unlike The Doctor, humans don’t possess two hearts and stores of recuperative energy to draw upon when death is imminent (but on the odd chance you do… text me?)

But everyone reading this DOES share one genetic trait with Time Lords; we all regenerate. You can see this process work on a small scale by simply scratching your arm. You’ll see a tiny wound become inflamed as blood rushes to the area to repair it, when a scab forms, while beneath the surface of your skin millions of cells suture the tiny gaps together until your skin looks brand new.

In point of fact, your body completley “regenerates” dozens of times throughout your life! The body keeps itself alive by replacing dead or dying cells in every part of the anatomy every 7-15 years, meaning, like The Doctor, we have entirely different bodies about a dozen times before we die. There is even research being conducted on how we might master Doctor Who-ish regeneration of limbs and entire bodies one day.



 Next to the Sonic Screwdriver (of which more later) the Doctor’s trusty Psychic Paper is his most valuable asset; it regularly gets him in to or out of tricky spots by flashing it before observer’s eyes and directing them to “see” exactly what they expect.


Science hasn’t come up with a device that can replicate what the Psychic Paper can do; but we do have ample real world evidence of the power that influence has on the mind. For centuries experienced hypnotists and magicians have exploited the power of suggestion to fool, or more accurately, direct spectators to see what they expect to see in a manner similar to the Psychic Paper. British Hypnotist Derren Brown is so good he can even convince people that blank paper is money.



To be clear, there is no Davros – level super villain locked away in a bunker plotting to unleash motorized terrors on the planet.
Although...we haven't seen this guy much lately...

Although…we haven’t seen this guy much lately…

But mechanical transportation powered by the mind is available to many today. Advances in computer tech (what else?) have paved the way for the development of bionic limbs and robotic wheelchairs that are controlled by the brain. The best example is Science God Stephen Hawking, who not only operates a mind controlled chair but also a speech synthesizer that, basically, reads his mind and converts his thoughts to audible speech. And just to make everyone at ease, Hawking himself has said his latest synth device “varies the intonation, and doesn’t speak like a Dalek”
Although we are on record as suggesting that despite being a much loved companion, the Sonic’s abilities have been exaggerated perhaps a bit too much in recent years, the idea that such a device might come to exist on Earth is slightly awesome.
And thanks to some smarty pants at the University of Dundee, we’re almost there. In 2012 they developed a device that makes use of ultrasound waves to turn objects. In layman’s terms….OMFG they invented a Sonic!!! Check the video below to see it in action…
Not exactly pocket sized yet, but it is an actual, functioning Sonic Screwdriver.
What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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