5for5: Actors Who Appeared in Bond and Doctor Who


When Doctor Who materialized on TV screens in 1963, nobody could have predicted the show’s popularity would power the franchise to the heights it has enjoyed these past 50+ years. Yet when we look back on the revolutionary popular culture scene taking shape in the UK of the early 60s, it really isn’t such a surprise that Who has prospered; this was the era when the Beatles emerged from a nightclub in Liverpool to dominate the music industry, when Noel Coward’s plays were taking over Broadway, while at the cinema one of the world’s most recognizable and longest running film franchises debuted.

Uh...not that one.

Uh…not that one.

His name, was Bond…James Bond, and when Dr. No debuted in 1962 the charming agent designated 007 quickly became a giant of the cinema. And through the years the titular character has come to share many traits with our favourite Time Lord; both series have recast their lead man several times, both heroes rely on “gadgets” to aid them in their battles against recurring enemies, and both series remain a showcase for terrific British acting.

As Spectre launches into theatres this weekend, 5for5 looks back at actors who have appeared in the 007 series and Doctor Who…

Tim you can spit all you want...but you are too obvious a pick to make this list.

Tim you can spit all you want…but you are too obvious a pick to make this list.





Actually, Mr. Glover should get some kind of lifetime Geek Award as he’s appeared not only in Who as Scaroth in City of Death and Bond as Greek drug dealer Aris Kristatos in For Your Eyes Only, but also in Star Wars, Blake’s 7, The Avengers and Indiana Jones. This guy is one Star Trek guest appearance from having a galaxy named after him.


And that Galaxy should be called Meredith…don’t ask.


Another Geektastic player, Ms. Steel of The Avengers fame took a turn as 007’s short lived wife Tracy in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and as Mrs. Gilllyflower in The Crimson Horror.

I'm playing the 007 theme on this organ right now.

At least in Doctor Who this piano was the only organ I had to touch.


Dr. Moon from posssibly the greatest Dr. Who story ever was a staple of the Pierece Brosnan years in Bond, appearing as Charles Robinson in Tomorrow Never Dies, World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

The original script had a totally different reason they called me MOON...just sayin'.

I prefer my full name…Dr. Sailor Moon.


There weren’t many hi-lights from Doctor Who’s ill-fated Season 22 (the series long Trial Of A TimeLord) but one memorable moment was when the woman known for portraying Pussy Galore in Goldfinger guest starred in Terror Of The Vervoids.

The real "terror" was reading the script.

The real “terror” was reading the script.



Sir Downton Abbey himself was already well established when he guest starred alongside Matt Smith in Series 6’s Curse of the Black Spot, but the keen cinephile (it’s a real word, you perverts! Look it up) will remember Bonneville as a bridge officer on the HMS Bedford in Tommorrow Never Dies.

Nobody seems interested in my Who spinoff idea...TimeLord Crawley!

I’ve got a great idea for a Who spinoff about an Aristocrat who builds a TARDIS… we’ll call it, TimeLord of Crawley!







It’s true! The Master of the 80s had a cameo in You Only Live Twice as one of the cops who discovered 007’s ‘corpse’ in the pre-titles sequence.

Wait...did I get paid for that??

Even I was surprised to hear I was in the movie


What do you think of our list? Anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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