As we watch every teaser trailer over and over wait patiently for Series 9 to materialize, the pace of theories about what will happen during the new season has grown from a steady flow to a deluge of Noah’s flood like proportions, with dozens of intriguing guesses popping up daily in cyberspace. 

Do I get a royalty payment for that?

Do I get a royalty payment for that?


With just a few weeks to go before the series debut, we thought it a good moment to look back at the plethora of said theories and pick out 5 of the best. And by the best, we mean the ones that have at least of modicum of believabilty and a healthy degree of WOW when mentioned. Here’s our 5, plus our preditctions on likely they will come to pass…


1) LET’S KILL DAVROS: This one has been around since the Spring and got a bit of traction as it appeared in both The Mirror and The Telegraph. (Although it should be noted that the Mirror’s track record of breaking Who scoops is spotty at best…in 2008 they suggested Jason Statham was on the verge of replacing David Tennant as the Doctor)




The rumour goes that episode 1 of Series 9 will pit the Doctor against his old foe, but at a much earlier point in his life. As in, when Davros is a child, thus offering the Doctor the chance to kill him before he creates the Daleks. The plot is allegedly derived from the line spoken by Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor in Genesis Of The Daleks when he asked..“If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?”

EVIDENCE: Next to none, as there are no announced guest stars who might play the role of Davros, and the plot of Episode 1 has been strictly safeguarded by Moffat and co. We know The Daleks will return, as will Skaro but beyond that it’s all guesswork.

LIKELIHOOD OUT OF 5: 1…the timey wimey-ness and shock factor of the premise is very Moffat-ish, but throwing The Doctor into a child murder plot sounds a bit too intense for Saturday night viewing.


2) WHO YOU GONNA CALL?: This rumour comes from a couple of alleged leaked photos, first posted on the notorious 4Chan bulletin board and picked up by the terrific Who blogger site Kasterborous. The outrageous claim is that the series finale will land The Doctor and Clara back on Gallifrey, and that while navigating a series of underground catacombs they will encounter Time Lord Ghosts guarding tombs. And that two of the Ghosts are previous incarnations of the Doctor himself; specifically 10 and 8.

How come every time I come back I'm either dead or dying? #gettingacomplex

How come every time I come back I’m either dead or dying? #gettingacomplex


EVIDENCE: David Tennant was spotted in Cardiff during filming, in fact at the same time there was a table read for Episode 12 of the series. A official photo posted on the Who Instagram from that table read also showed a script with a redacted title, which might mean the title is so spoilery it couldn’t be revealed. There was also the info. from the Chan4 poster who claimed to be an exchange student working on the show, but we’ll take that with a fairly hefty grain of sodium.

LIKELIHOOD OUT OF 5: 2. The fact that Tennant was in Cardiff for filming is exciting, although you would think if he was actually part of the finale the BBC would do a better job of keeping a lid on his whereabouts. But bringing back Tennant to celebrate the tenth anniversary of NuWho would be a marketing victory for the BBC.


3) FATHER’S DAY: This one seems to pop up every year, but the rumour that Jenny is coming back became super charged a few weeks ago when a photo of Georgia Moffett (who played the Doctor’s genetic daughter in 2008’s The Doctor’s Daughter) on the TARDIS set with Peter Capaldi appeared online. Although it’s not known when the image was snapped, it was enough visual evidence to send the Jenny-return advocates into a digital frenzy.

EVIDENCE: In addition to the photo, Moffet was spotted in Cardiff during filming. And it’s common knowledge that Stephen Moffat requested that then show runner Russel T Davies spare Jenny’s life at the conclusion of her debut episode back in 2008.

If I had known he was planning that "War Doctor" crap I would have spit my yogurt at him.

If I had known he was planning that “War Doctor” crap I would have spit my yogurt at him.


LIKELIHOOD OUT OF 5: 2.5. This one has more legs than most. It’s interesting that Moffett was in town during filming and that nobody seems to want to comment on the photo, but it could all just be a coincidence.


4) DEGENERATES: This claim is an offshoot of the Time Ghosts theory we talked about earlier; and it goes that the cliffhanger to Episode 11 (the penultimate for the series) will feature the Doctor “degenerating” and briefly assuming his previous selves, with a long stop on a select few. Namely, his 10th and 8th selves.

EVIDENCE: The previously mentioned Tennant sightings, along with a few pics of Paul McGann in Cardiff at the same time, plus a questionable online alleged leak from a person who claimed to have connections to the show.

Hey, don't doubt my info! I have a "connection"

Hey, don’t doubt my info! I have a “connection”


LIKELIHOOD OUT OF 5: 1. This one seems far fetched, for the same reasons we have trouble with the Time Ghosts theory…it’s hardly likely Tennant and McGann would be parading around Wales if they were part of a secret Who episode.


5) SHADOW OF THE PAST: This theory that the Shadow Proclaimation would return was all but confirmed when the casting of Kelly Hunter (who played the architect of the intergalactic police force in The Stolen Earth) was officially announced. Still, it hasn’t been confirmed that she is reprising the role, so we could all be in for a surprise.

EVIDENCE: Uh…Kelly Hunter is coming back.

LIKELIHOOD OUT OF 5: 4. We’d be surprised if the Proclaimation doesn’t make an appearance in the series. It’s as close to a lock as you can get with this show.


What say you? Any mind blowing theories you’ve heard about Who Series 9 that we should be dissecting? Let us know in the comments!









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