5for5 NuWho @ Ten Edition: The Specials Easter Egg Hunt


2009 was a “gap” year for NuWho; the show took a break from producing an entire series and instead presented five (we’re including the 2008 Xmas episode) feature length specials, culminating in the fantastic 2 part finale of the Tennant era, The End Of Time. Along the way, the stories provided a few throwbacks and references to it’s classic forerunner, and we’ve sifted through the specials ro find a few Easter Eggs you might have missed…

THE NEXT DOCTOR/ EXCELLENT! The 2008 Christmas special generated a lot of buzz for it’s title, and for it’s terrific guest star Devla Kirwan as Cyber Queen Ms. Harington. As she assumes command of the Cyber legions, she replies “excellent” when advised of the Cybermen’s progress. Any Whovians who watched Doctor Who’s Cybermen stories of the 80’s would recognize Excellent! as a favourite saying of the various Cyber Leaders of that era.

Other catchphrases considered were "Party On" and "Schwing!"

Other catchphrases considered were “Party On” and “Schwing!”


PLANET OF THE DEAD/ROBOT: This Easter special was noteworthy for it’s introduction of the “knock prophecy” foretelling the end of the 10th Doctor’s life. It also harkened back to Classic Who with an appearance from UNIT, and specifically called back to the 4th Doctor’s first story, Robot, when the Doctor refers to the K1 Robot while talking to his “new best friend” Malcolm Taylor.

All those years of carrying a strand of his hair in a pendant around my neck has paid off!

All those years of carrying a strand of his hair in a pendant around my neck has paid off!


WATER OF MARS/ICE WARRIORS: Certainly the scariest of the specials, and one of Tennant’s strongest performances, Water of Mars was light on references to it’s classic predecessor. But, there is a mention of the Doctor’s old enemies The Ice Warriors (although not by name) when he is discussing the threat of the Flood, he guesses the planet’s former inhabitants might have frozen the aliens and fled to escape them.

Damn it, now the landlord will keep our security deposoit.

Thanks alot Flood! Now the landlord will keep our security deposit!


THE END OF TIME: The 10th Doctor’s final story, appropriately, provides perhaps the biggest Easter Egg of NuWho with the return of The Time Lords; not seen on screen since 1986’s season long serial Trial of A Timelord. Also back is their powerful leader Lord President Rassilon, not seen since 1983’s The Five Doctors.

Yield to the power of my spittle!

Yield to the power of my spittle!

Further throwbacks include the Master uttering his former catchphrase…”You will obey me!” last spoken by Anthony Ainley in Planet Of Fire.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any Easter Eggs? Let us know in the comments!


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