Ok. Deep Breath. (Get it? Deep Breath…first episode of Series 8? We’ll wait while you chortle at the cleverness. Or boo and hiss at our lameness) Watch the trailer. Watch again. Digest. Take a few moments to formulate a theory or two, then scroll down and tell us what you think of our 5 Theories Hatched From the Season 9 Trailer



THEORY 1) Skaro is coming back.

EVIDENCE: We see Missy with Clara in what is clearly a barren landscape (very reminiscent of the Classic era depictions of Skaro) We see lots of ragged looking humanoids running across the same landscape (also very reminiscent of the Classic era depiction of early Skaro, particularly the Thal-Kaled war in Genesis of The Daleks) Then there’s this remarkable shot of a city…a very Dalek-ish city.


In fact, it looks remarkably similar to a Dalek city we saw in the Daleks first story, The Dead Planet


We know that Missy already escaped the Time Locked-War once before (after being sent back to Hell with the rest of Gallifrey in The End Of Time) so it’s not a stretch to surmise she’s found a way back into the past of Gallifrey, and perhaps Skaro. Could the Doctor and Clara, perhaps thinking they can find Gallifrey, follow Missy, or even more likely, get lured there? We think so. 

THEORY 2) Missy has a measure of influence/control over Clara.

EVIDENCE: We see a very intense shot of Missy with Clara, but no Doctor. We know from real world photos that Clara and Missy (again sans Doctor) meet for tea at some point. Couple that with her interest in Clara through Series 8, and even going back to The Bells Of Saint John, and the fact we really don’t know what happened to Clara between The Name Of The Doctor and The Day Of The Doctor (all of a sudden she’s a teacher?) and we believe there is lots of room left for a plot of Missy hypnotizes/mind controls/drugs Clara into being a weapon of some kind to use against the Doctor. The title of the first episode, The Magician’s Apprentince, leads us to the conclusion that Clara is the (unwitting) apprentince being controlled by Missy, The Magician.


THEORY 3) The TARDIS will be taken over/become a villain itself

EVIDENCE: Not much, but we do see lots of shots of the TARDIS interiors in a very dim light, save for some Sith-like redish hues, plus lots of explosions and Clara and the Doctor looking a bit paniced inside the console room. Might the ambiguous voiceover for the trailer, about wanting to “kiss it to death all over”, refer to his love of the TARDIS despite it being converted for some evil purpose?


THEORY 4) The Doctor goes to KARN for info on Missy.

EVIDENCE: This shot is very Karn-ish, as is the scary looking dude lurking in the cavern.


We saw that in the Night Of The Doctor the Sisterhood of Karn could elevate the regeneration process to allow a Time Lord to change gender and personality, so it’s not a stretch to guess the Doctor might want to figure out if  the Sisterhood helped her flip to the female side, and could provide info on how she escaped Gallifrey.


A brand new character like Tasha Lam. Even though the Who internet is currently being broken by theorists trying to figure out who she is, and the fact that Capaldi seemed to drop a hint about her being Susan during the Comic Con Panel, we just don’t buy it. Judging by the reactions in the trailer, neither one of them are super enthused to see one another (which in our minds rules out Susan or his cloned daughter Jenny) Clearly she is a character of significance, but not a known one. 




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