5for5 NuWho@10 Edition: Series 5 Easter Eggs


Thanks for joining us on our Easter Egg hunt through NuWho! Keep in mind we’d love to hear what you think of our mini – sized blog and of any Easter Eggs that you found (or that we missed) so please post your throughts in the comments section.

Debuting in spring of 2010, Series 5 constituted a mini-reboot of NuWho; David Tennant handed over the Sonic Screwdriver to Matt Smith and Russell T. Davies handed over the Producing gig to Steven Moffat.

"Look, just don't anything silly like conjure up a wife for the Doctor"

“Look, just don’t anything silly like invent a wife for the Doctor”

Classic baddies like The Daleks returned as did NuWho favourites like the Weeping Angels, and along the way the new series continued to pay tribute to it’s classic predecessor with subtle hints and nods in several episodes. (And a massive download of classic content in the series finale) Here’s 5 Easter Eggs you might have missed…


THE ELEVENTH HOUR – The first regular episode of Who in almost two years was packed with excitement as the series debuted a new Doctor, a new companion and a new configuration for the TARDIS. But amongst the running and crashing and new character introductions, there was still a nod to the classics that came before; when The Doctor arrives at the hospital to battle Prisoner Zero, he ditches his clothes and “borrows” a new outfit from a locker. The keen Whovian will have recognized this theft as familiar, as both the Third and Eighth Doctor liberated clothes from hospital lockers in their premiere stories. (Spearhead From Space and the DW Movie respectfully)

You don't want to know what other "used" items were in that locker.

You don’t want to know what other “used” items were in that locker.



AMY’S CHOICE – One of the more unique stories of NuWho, this episode pitted the Doctor, Amy and Rory against the mysterious but powerful Dream Lord, who wielded the power to alter reality and had a serious axe to grind with the Doctor. Early on in the episode, the Doctor mentions that their arrival was the result of a “jumped time track.” Not the first time the Doctor has blamed time tracks for this; way back in 1965’s The Space Museum he claimed the TARDIS had landed improperly as a result of jumped time tracks.

I don't care how many we jump, I'll be damned if I stop to ask for directions.

I don’t care how many we jump, I’ll be damned if I stop to ask for directions.


HUNGRY EARTH/ COLD BLOOD – They’re baaacck! After a 30 year absence, this 2 parter marked the return of the Silurians; the reptilian inhabitants of Earth’s inner core last seen in 1984’s Warriors Of The Deep. Fittingly (as Warriors was a Fifth Doctor story) when the Doctor is captured and submitted to a nasty decontamination process, he asks for some celery to restore his senses. Whostorians know well that celery was the trademark lapel decoration worn by Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. Later on The Doctor also directly references the events of Silurians when he mentions that he once brokered a peace deal between the humans and sub-terranians….which unfortunately ended in bloodshed.

"Well, you know the saying...you lose some and you lose some"

“Haha whoops! As the youngsters might say, #fail”


THE LODGER– Known to NuWhovians primarily as “that funny episode with James Corden” this lighthearted adventure offered a subtle, musical throwback to the classic series when The Doctor (at this point in the story a roommate of Corden’s character Craig Owens) sings La Donne e Mobile in the shower. The Doctor’s familiar with this tune, and we know this because he was heard crooning it in his Third incarnation during 1970’s Inferno.

I'm also planning a duet with Alastair called BRIG THE NOISE

I’m also planning a duet with Alastair called BRIG THE NOISE

PANDICORA OPENS/BIG BANG – Where to start? NuWhovians and Classic Whovians alike would have been in Time Lord heaven during the first half of Pandicora when an Alliance featuring virtually every bad guy from the entire series shows up at Stonehenge on a quest to finally defeat The Doctor. On top of familiar foes like the Daleks, Sontarans and Cybermen, we see and hear about dozens of other classic villains, including (but not limited to) The Dravinhs, last seen in 1965’s GALAXY 4 , Zygons from 1974’s Terror Of The Zygons, Teriptels from 1982’s The Visitation, and the Draconians from 1973’s Frontier In Space.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a nod to a Seventh Doctor adventure when River complains that she hates fairy tales with good wizards in them because they always… “turn out to be him (The Doctor)”. This in fact happened in 1989’s Battlefield (also featuring the return of The Brigadier) when a future version of the Doctor was revealed to be Merlin.

And speaking of River, early in the episode we see a message from her to The Doctor carved out in the side of a cliff. Written in Gallifreyan, it translates to say “Hello Sweetie”, followed by the name Theta Sigma, a moniker Whostorians will know to be The Doctor’s nickname from his Academy days as revealed in 1978’s The Armageddon Factor.

I have problems saying no.

I have problems saying no.


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