5 For 5: Famous Who Fans


As a staple of Sci-Fi TV for over half a century,  it’s no surprise that the Doctor has inspired legions of dedicated/hardcore/bordering on needing therapy fans – lovingly known as ‘Whovians’ – along the way.

"The Jelly Babies at the bottom of my rubbish bin are their Holy Grail"

“The Jelly Babies at the bottom of my rubbish bin are their Holy Grail”

There’s no real secret to Who’s success; the appealing blend of adventure, sci-fi, dramedy and family friendly bad guys offered every week provides something for just about everyone. And many of those devotees happen to be celebrity figures themselves; some of whom discovered the Time Lord in his 21st century revival or have been following his adventures since their childhood. Here’s 5 Famous Fans of Doctor Who…



That sound you hear is the Geek masses shrieking slightly at how Nerd-tastic it is to think of Captain Picard himself settling in to enjoy a Doctor Who episode, but it’s exactly what the man who also (brilliantly) brought Prof. X to life on screen likes to do on occasion. Particularly when it’s an episode featuring his good friend David Tennant, as Sir Patrick and David starred together in the Royal Shakespeare’s Company production of Hamlet in 2008. This stupendous pairing gave rise to rumours that Sir Patrick might appear on Who, with names such as The Meddling Monk and Davros being bandied about as potential characters for Stewart to portray. Sadly, timing was awful for everyone involved, as by the time Sir Patrick had availability to shoot, David had already turned in his Sonic Screwdriver as The Doctor and Stewart’s interest subsequently waned. He’s even admitted that his chance to appear in the show is likely passed, but we can always pray to Gallifrey/The Federation that his position might change.

"Alright, I'll do it. But if the words Make It So appear anywhere on the script, someone is getting slapped"

“Alright, I’ll do it. But if the words Make It So appear anywhere on the script, someone is getting slapped”



A multipule Oscar winner and all around funny guy, Hanks might not be a fully fledged member of geekdom but he certainly can hold his own in a Nerd chat, as in addition to being a big Star Trek fan (Fun Fact! He wanted to play Zefram Cochrane in First Contact) he also grew up on the original Who. According to the man who was Gump…”We got our first colour TV in 1968 and in California that meant we got all these extra channels nobody watched which were filled with Doctor Who“….. And he gets the award for most hilarious summary of the show EVER when he described it like this….  “You had the guy with the big red hair and the bow tie and it looked so weird because everyone talked in English accents and there were these big salt and pepper shaker robots.”

The original line was..."Life is like a Blue Box that's bigger on the inside"

The original line was…”Life is like a Blue Box that’s bigger on the inside”



We’ve touched on the fact that Lucas was keenly aware of Who when he was writing the original Star Wars, and even “borrowed” from Who for a couple of iconic scenes in A New Hope. But in the subsequent years Lucas has gone public with his appreciation of the series in both it’s classic and current form; he even went so far as to approach showrunner Russel T. Davies to write for his now defunct live action Star Wars series.

"I refuse to work with him...Greedo. Shot. First!"

“I refuse to work with him…Greedo. Shot. First!”



The Doctor doesn’t have a great track record with men of metal, but there’s at least one cybernetic being who has his back, and he’s exactly the kind of man you want in your corner. Robert Downey Jr., who almost single-handedly launched the massively successful Marvel Cinematic Universe with his stunning portrayal of Iron Man, is a big fan of Who. He boasted about his love for the current series on a Reddit AMA going so far as to say he might even be open to portraying The Doctor. Iron Man as a TimeLord? This truly is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Actually the "stuff" that dreams are made of is "me"

Actually the “stuff” that dreams are made of is “me”



Back in the heyday of the original series, the Fab Four were apparently big fans of the series and William Hartnell’s Doctor.

Or more accurately, big fans of his hair.

Or more accurately, big fans of his hair.


John, Paul, George and Ringo were reportedly very keen on guest starring in the ’65 serial The Chase, but rumour has it manager Brian Epstein vetoed the idea. But at least we did get a cameo by the band, via a performance from Top Of The Pops that the Tardis crew enjoys on a Time Space TV. It’s also the only remaining footage of that performance, due to the BBC’s practice of erasing video reels. Which also wiped several classic Who episodes from history.

Luckily all my good hair day episodes survived.

Luckily all my good hair day episodes survived.


Did we miss any famous/celebrity Doctor Who fans? Let us know! AND if you’ve got a great idea for a 5for5 post of your own; let us know! We’d love to feature you as a guest contributor!




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