5 for 5 NuWho At 10: Must See Episodes

The penultimate entry in our NuWho At 10 countdown takes us into the Must See dimension of Whodom; and by that we mean episodes that are required viewing for any newcomer to Whodom. Episodes we believe will provide the NuWhovian (or NuVian, if you will) a wider understanding of th Doctor and the glorious timey wimey universe he resides in. Here’s our 5, along with why they should be on the Nu Whovian’s download list.

ROSE – A no brainer but it almost perfectly set the tone for the series and provided new fans the ideal entry into the Tardis; a mysterious but compelling figure crashes into Rose’s world and offers her the chance to explore…everywhere. She was hooked and so were we.

PARTING OF THE WAYS – Another terrific Eccleston story (and his last) Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways is a must see for it’s seamless (re) introduction of regeneration, the fascinating/exciting/heartbreaking way the Doctor lives his lives. Shocking for Rose and for new fans.


JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE TARDIS – This episode didn’t get much critical love, and even though the bold concept of exploring the infinity that is the Tardis (explained in story by having the Doctor lead a salvage team through the ship to resuce Clara) fell a bit flat, it’s a must see for NuVians who need a primer on how other-worldly the Doctor and his Tardis really are.



THE END OF TIME – The much mentioned but never seen Time War was a recurring subplot introduced way back in Rose, and even though we got tantalizing hints about what really happened, it wasn’t until David Tennant’s final adventure that we finally witnessed the terrible last days of the war…and discovered the horrible lengths the Doctor went to to ensure it came to an end. Must See because it fills in the gaps about the War, and also brings the Doctor’s people back to life.


THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR – Once NuVians realize the Doctor can regenerate and can travel in time, it’s not too long until they ask…”hey does that mean he could meet himself??” Oh Yes. He can….


How about you? What would be on your Must See List for NuWhovians?



3 thoughts on “5 for 5 NuWho At 10: Must See Episodes

  1. This is a great list! The first and last Eccleston episodes are great pics.

    The two that I would add would be that I would swap out Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS for The Doctor’s Wife. I like Journey… but I just prefer The Doctor’s Wife as a TARDIS-centric episode.

    I think I’d also add Dalek. It’s just a perfect (re)introduction to such an iconic villain.

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