5 For 5: Companions Who Should Come Back

Sometimes reaching into the past is good. After all, since Doctor Who is a show about time travel, the connotations of mining the show’s continuity are just too meta to resist. It’s not always a great idea, but when producers pick the right spots, it’s delicious fun for the viewers.

Pictured: Not delicious fun.

Pictured: Not delicious fun.

With that in mind, here’s 5 former companions who could, nay SHOULD come back…

TURLOUGH – We’re firm believers that Turlough was a thoroughly underrated and unexplored companion, and after a couple of decades on Trion he would be a great re-addition to the Tardis crew. Smart, useful and witty, he’d be a dead pan foil for Clara and suitably alien enough for the Doctor to BFF around with while geeking out on science expeditions.

"Now we can play  Decipher the 18 algorithms hidden in this word. Excelsior!!"

“Now we can play my favourtie game: Decipher the 18 algorithms hidden in this word. Time starts now!”

WHAT TO DO WITH HIM: How about a 2-3 episode arc involving a plot by some seemingly random baddies to capture Turlough (now a high ranking official on his homeworld) prompting the government of Trion to plead for help from the Doctor to rescue him? BUT even after the Doctor successfully gets his red headed former companion back, they uncover an even more sinister plot…Turlough’s abduction was part of a larger plot to ressurect the Black Guardian! Cue Turlough, the Doctor and Clara zipping around space-time on a quest to prevent the Guardian’s return. And lots of jokes about ginger hair.

"I'd be happy to prove I'm a natural redhead Clara...hint hint"

“I’d be happy to prove I’m a natural   redhead, Clara…hint hint”

ROMANA – A no brainer, but still a terrific story opportunity. Now since Romana is likely dead or lost with the other Gallifreyans, we’re thinking the best way to get her back on the Tardis is via a psychic projection that would accompany the Doctor as a kind of Ghost of Xmas past to lovingly/annoyingly “advise” him.
WHAT TO DO WITH HER: We’re thinking a couple of episodes dealing with a long lost super secret computer program stored deep in the Tardis by Romana (perhaps to help the Doctor to locate Gallifrey) prompts her, in hologram/astral projection form, to reappear. Awkwardness ensues when she asks how Adric is doing.



HARRY SULLIVAN – There would have to be some recasting, but how cool would it be to have the charming Navy Doc plucked out of the 70s to lovingly bicker with the Doctor again? His over protective big brother-chauvinist act would certainly rub Clara the wrong way and it would be a welcome change to see a literal out of time companion interacting with the “future”

 He'd be trending on   Twitter in minutes

He’d be trending on Twitter in  minutes

WHAT TO DO WITH HIM: How do you get Sullivan back in the console room? How about a distress call from Kate Lethbridge Stewart warning the Doctor of a time travelling criminal who is going back into UNIT’s past to attempt all sorts of unsavory timeline manipulation? This could require the Doctor to go back to his days as the scientific advisor and extract Harry to help with the investigation. The thought of Clara seeing and subsequently mocking Bessie should be incentive enough to film this episode.

"There aren't enough memes in the universe to describe how lame that car is"

“There aren’t enough memes in the universe to describe how lame that car is”

LADY DE SOUZA – It was almost a shock that Christina De Souza DIDN’T appear as a companion at some point after stealing the show (get it???) in Planet of The Dead. As an aristocractic jewel thief, there is no end to potential for De Souza to make trouble/fun on board the Tardis.

Like the first ever Tardis   Fashion Show
WHAT TO DO WITH HER: We’ve already seen a heist story in the most recent series, but another galactic robbery plot could splinter off from the original story, perhaps involving the Doctor getting the gang back together to lift a priceless artificat from an impregnable location before it falls into evil hands. The Doctor assures everyone not to to worry…he knows someone who has the beauty, guile and skill to get into the place.

Not the companion we were thinking of.

Not the companion we were thinking of.

As a real kick, we could even envision her stealing the Tardis at the end of the episode, much to the chagrin of Capaldi.

SALLY SPARROW – Yes please. That is all.

"That's sweet...you'd think I would TV again"

“That’s sweet…you think I would demean myself by doing TV again”


2 thoughts on “5 For 5: Companions Who Should Come Back

  1. Great list! I like Harry a lot. He also had the good fortune of being around for that first Tom Baker season where just about every story was incredible.

    My list would be:

    Tegan (I don’t care what they do with Tegan as long as she sasses Capaldi like she sassed Davison)
    Jo Grant (Maybe a UNIT episode where we bridge old UNIT and new UNIT by having Kate Lethbridge Stewart, Martha Jones, Jo Grant, Benton and Yates team up?)
    Jenny from The Doctor’s Daughter (I always wanted them to meet back up randomly on an alien planet somewhere since she flies away at the end of the episode.)
    Jamie McCrimmon (I know his and Zoe’s memories of the Doctor were erased at the end of The War Games but Troughton, Zoe, and Jamie was my favorite TARDIS team)
    Ace (I just want to see Ace blow some stuff up again…)

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