Today in the Whoniverse: More 2 Parters in Series 9, Beware Dalek Construction Sites


Doctor Who Magazine 484 hits shelves and the virtual shelves this week with some tidbits from Executive Head Honcho Steven Moffat about what to expect in Series 9…

On the Doctor lightening up….”we’re not bringing him back exactly as we left him, at all, I think that was already evident at Christmas. He’s left some of the burden of being a superhero of the universe behind. So I’m pushing him – I’m writing quite funny this year – I’m pushing him the other way…”

The Moff also commented on changing the structure of Series 9 to include more 2 parters, which had been a staple of the show since it’s return in 2005 but didn’t feature much in series 7 or 8….“Yeah, we’re changing the rhythm of it quite a bit. For a long while, those 45-minute stories were the backbone of Doctor Who. They felt new and fresh and different. It just started to feel to me, that as a member of the audience, you were getting too acquainted with the rhythm of it. Do you know what I mean? You sort of think ‘Well, now it’s about time for the music to come up.’ Writing the first two-parter that I had done in years [Dark Water/Death in Heaven] I just thought, ‘I’m liking this. This feels more unpredictable.’ Because you don’t know how far you’re going to get through the story…

And an annoymous Whovian from Lutton, England wins this week’s Eye of Harmony Award For Originality in Fandom (not actually an award) for posting these fun signs at roadways and bus stops across the community; why hasn’t the Doctor tried this? One or two posted in the right places across the galaxy might have saved himself and the universe from thousands of years of bother.

No Dalek signs



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