Today In The Whoniverse: CSI wants to break a Who Record, New Anthology from the BBC


All records are made to be broken, we guess. But it’s a shame this one will fall to such a lame successor. Tomorrow the tired CBS drama CSI will shatter the record set by Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special by simucasting an episode in 150 countries. (Who’s 50th had been simucast in 98 nations)

Declaring March 4th World CSI Day, the network is using the simucast to generate hype for yet another spin-off from the original series, CSI Cyber, which will debut at 10pm after the simucast. Worse still, the CSI episode being beamed across the planet is a re-run! It’s too bad the international event that was Who’s 50th won’t retain the Guinness Record after tomorrow, but at least Whovians can lay claim to being the best simucast episode.



BBC Books will release a series of new official Doctor Who short stories later this week in an anthology called Time Trips.

The collection includes works from some fairly hefty writers including award winners Joanna Harris and A.L. Kennedy. The stories cover most of the Doctors, although the first and fifth didn’t make the cut and are available to pre order now. Have a look at the cover below.

time trips


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