5for5 Villains Who Deserve Their Own Show

AFTER 50+ Years of time and space adventuring, the Doctor has built up an impressive roster of terrifying, brilliant and compelling baddies.

And these guys

And these guys

Like any successful franchise, Doctor Who has branched off into spin-offs, but instead of tapping into this vast catalogue of fascinating felons, all of the Dr. Who spin-offs to date have focused on heroes (Torchwood, SJA, K-9) which is fine…I guess. But if there’s one thing Breaking Bad taught us (other than how ruthlessly evil the fried chicken industry is) it’s that weekly stories about bad guys doing bad guy stuff are often just as fun to watch as weekly installments of good triumphing over evil. With that in mind, here’s 5 Who villains that deserve their own show…
(NB we aren’t including the obvious ones like the Daleks or the Cybermen, because frankly they pop up so often these days it’s like they have their own show already)

THE CAPTAIN – PIRATE PLANET A favourite from the Baker era written by the immortal Douglas Adams, the feared Pirate ruled the planet Zanak with his sidekick…a parrot.

pirate planet parrot

” You don’t even want to know what kind of mess needs to be cleaned out of my cage”

Last we saw of him, he was killed by his other sidekick, so a spin off (Called simply…The Captain) would have to go the prequel route as well, but how much fun could you have with a weekly series about space pirates? A deleted scene revealed The Captain was the last survivor of the Pirate fleets of Argan, so we could easily envision a Battlestar Galactica type story charting the destruction of a once mighty fleet and the power struggle among the ruthless survivors to capture the remaining ships, with the Captain building up a reputation as an intergalactic badass. And then abusing that power base…to get a parrot.
Easter Egg potential: It’s only a matter of time until the Mondas era Cybermen float through the Argan sector and notice a bunch of vulnerable pirate ships that could be “upgraded” The Captain is a cyborg; maybe he got that way after being almost converted during a dust-up with the Cyber-Men.

MADAME KOVARIAN/TASHA LEM: A couple of Silence alums; we could easily imagine a show set during the early days of the Silence focusing on these two bouncing through time looking for clues to destroy the Doctor as they grapple for power of the Papal Mainframe. A will they/won’t they hatred/romance could be explored too, but who is playing who? Was the diabolical plot to birth River Song just one of many schemes to ensnare the Doctor? The Silence acting as an intergalactic church/cult trying to acquire power and recruit soldiers and members holds a lot of story potential as well.
Easter Egg potential! How about a stand-off with the Shadow Proclamation? Or a pre Torchwood/young Captain Jack signing up?

"I'm not sure about joining a cult dedicated to kill The Doctor...but I hear Tuesdays are Taco night"

“I’m not sure about joining a cult dedicated to kill The Doctor…but I hear Tuesdays are Taco night”

DAVROS PREQUEL: Another bit of an obvious one, but there is alot of tapestry to paint on with Davros. A Breaking Bad type arc examining a scientist with good intentions

"Funny thing is, I was actually trying to invent a frozen yogurt machine."

“Funny thing is, I was actually trying to invent a frozen yogurt machine.”

who’s work destroys himself, literally and figuratively. The construction of the Kaled bunker, his quest for power, the escalation of the Thal/Kaled war, the beginnings of his Daleks; lots of mileage.
Easter egg potential! A Terminator/Genesis of the Daleks style episode of a rogue Time Lord assassin who has been sent back to kill Davros, but Davros of the future sending back a couple of freelance warriors to protect “himself” namely…Mickey and Martha!

"Averting horrible future timelines is our fetish"

“Averting horrible future timelines is our fetish”

THE MASTER: An obvious one, and maybe you think that this character has all but run it’s course since being reduced to little more than a moustache twirling cartoon during the 80s

"Wait...this ISN'T a Dudley Do-RIght remake?"

“Wait…this ISN’T a Dudley Do-RIght remake?”


and being resurrected again and again in the new series, but we disagree! How about a series following a pre-Time War Master on the run from the Time Lords, stranded on an industrial aged planet? He could make himself a SteamPunk King, all the while manipulating his people to build up an army to attack Gallifrey. The show could chart his rise to power, his attempts to escape, his vulnerable lonely side,



and the eventual formation of an organized resistance on Planet Master that leads to his downfall. The series ends as he executed…then wakes up on Gallifrey (resurrected by the Time Lords to fight in the Time War)

Easter Egg potential! How about the Rani turning up to blackmail the Master for half a season; make me your “Queen” or I’ll rat you out to the Time Lords?

SHARAZ JEK: One of the best baddies of the Davison era, Jek stole the show during the Fifth Doctor’s swan song in Caves of Androzani. Now, we’d have to a bit of a ret-con to get the show off the ground, since when we last saw Jek he was dead. But that ain’t no thing; he was a robotics genius who built up an army of androids, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to discover he was resurrected with some Six Million Dollar Man type upgrades by his android minions.

We’re thinking a Batman/Phantom of the Opera/Equalizer type series about this dude would do well; Jek commanding an army of androids from his underground layer to help the powerless on Androzani Major as he fights to bring down the crooked corporation and fights injustice.

"And drives the car from Knight Rider...just because."

“And drives the car from Knight Rider…just because.”



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