Possibly the Trippiest Doctor Who Video…Ever


There’s binge watching…and there’s Omni binge watching.

Omni Verse is a popular YouTube channel that takes every episode of a TV show and compresses them into a single viewing experience, basically a screen within screen option but to the nth degree…if you were on acid.

Just this week they’ve added Doctor Who to their lineup; offering up all 707 episodes from the classic series in a overwhelming collage of wobbly sets and rubbery alien costumes. If ever there was an excuse for hard core fans to set up on the couch with a laptop, a can of lager and a box of Christmas chocolate, this is it. But beware! There’s a certain hypnotic/trance like effect after watching for a few minutes….best not to operate heavy machinery for a few hours after seeing it.

Scroll down to see the whole video.


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