Jenna Coleman’s Status Still Up in the Air for Series 9

capaldi coleman

With rumours flying around the Time Space Vortex about the future of Clara Oswald, Steven Moffat is doing nothing to quell the speculation Jenna Coleman is leaving the show.

In a chat with SFX magazine, the Grand Moff was asked about his plans for the forthcoming series and what the writing team might expand on. His answer was typically vague when he replied… “Obviously Peter and Jenna. Well, if Jenna’s in it… [laughs].”

He went on to say: “Just the depth of that companion relationship. We took the Doctor/companion relationship to a place that’s just more real, much more damaging and with more consequences. And whoever the companion is, you want to continue that idea. It can be a thrilling, exciting relationship but actually it can be a dangerous one too. That felt quite powerful and potent”

If nothing else, all of this (contrived?) intrigue on Coleman’s future is ramping up interest for Last Christmas, and say what you will about Moffat as a writer, but when it comes to generating hype, he’s a master….or a missy.


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