Moffat on Series 8 Loose Ends: Orson Pink Mystery Solved

orson pink


The Grand Moff of Whodom has offered a theory to resolve one of Series 8’s lingering mysteries; if Danny Pink is dead, then how could his descendant Orson Pink have ever been born?

Moffat tells DMW magazine that he reckons Orson (who we met in Listen)…” comes from another branch of the family. He knows about Danny’s heroic sacrifice, because Clara got in touch with the Pink family after the events of Death in Heaven (because you would, wouldn’t you?), and told them what he did, and why. And she gave them the little soldier, as a keepsake of a great man and a great soldier – and because she knows the toy soldier has to remain in the Pink family line.

“Now all that strikes me as pretty inevitable – that’s what would have happened – but I’m not saying it’s right. Nothing is actual till it’s in the show. Knowing how the season would end, we were careful, in never to define exactly what the connection was.”

So there you have it. Danny remains in Heaven…but given Moffat’s track record of flat out lying to fandom when it comes to plotting and character fates, does anyone really think this is the final act of the Clara/Pink love story?




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