That’s right…in a world where Harry Potter, Star Wars and even Charles Dickens have earned their own entertainment resorts, the theme park Gods have finally seen fit to bestow Whovians with a overcrowded summer destination filled with roller coasters and over priced pretzels of their very own.

London Resort Company Holdings announced today that has signed a deal with the Beeb allowing it to feature famous BBC programmes and characters, including Doctor Who and the Tardis.

The theme park, called Paramount Pictures Entertainment Resort will also include rides based on the BBC’s long running car series Top Gear, plus other Hollywood-inspired attractions. It’s set to open in 2020 near Dartford, with plans calling for a water attraction, a 2,000-seat theatre and 5,000 hotel rooms.

So what type of Who attractions might there be? Nobody from the Head Office in Cardiff has said, but if we were to guess, a spinning centrifuge called the Vortex Manipulator, would seem to be a forgone conclusion. How about a faster than light Roller Coaster ride through a series of neon lighted tunnels called the Time Vortex? Or a Sonic Screwdriver ride where passengers have to disembark and put up a series of shelves in double quick time? Maybe we better leave to the experts.

Scroll down to have a look at the artist’s sketch of what the park will look like.

who theme park


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